Problem with Rule Id = AGREEMENT_SENT_START

                    <token postag="SENT_START"/>
                    <token postag="DT"/>
                    <token postag="NNS"/>
                    <token postag="NN|NN:.*" postag_regexp="yes"><exception>hedge</exception></token>
                        <token postag="VBZ"><exception>is</exception></token>
            <message>You should probably use <suggestion><match no="6" postag="VBP"/></suggestion>.</message>
            <short>Possible agreement error</short>
            <example>The dogs of war <marker>are</marker> released.</example>
            <example>The dog of war is released.</example>
            <example correction="bark">The dogs of war <marker>barks</marker> loudly.</example>

Now if we look at the sentence:
The lists of books is kept on the table.
This is an incorrect sentence which almost matches with the above rule except that “books” is neither NN nor NN:.*.
So I would like to suggest that NNS should also be added in there. Or is there any counter example for this?

Yes, I think that NNS should also be added in there:

<token postag="NN|NN:.*|NNS" postag_regexp="yes"><exception>hedge</exception></token>

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