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Problem with textstudio

I use language tool on text studio. Here are the lits of problems I’ve found, I wonder how to fix them:

1- Language tool categorize all problems as “grammarMistake”, so it uses the same gray (non-visible) underline for all the mistakes. You can definitely change the color to whatever you want in the “syntax highlighting -> grammarMistake” but as I said, all the mistakes are categorized as a grammar mistake, so changing the spelling mistake color does not affect it.

2- Since language tool 4.1, I have stability issues. It works, but it causes my SP 2017 to freeze for a couple of seconds almost every 30 minutes. Also, it eats the CPU time to time (java eats the whole CPU, every almost 30 minutes). I am not sure which side is the main problem, java or language tool or anything else. I’ve tested it on two different SP 2017.

Any help is really appreciated.

This seems to be an integration issue, because LT has several ways to categorize errors (id, category, type), TexStudio just needs to interpret this correctly.

How do you or how does TexStudio start LT? This might be an issue with LT not having enough memory, i.e. the -Xmx option at LT start having a value that’s too small.

So, I need to post the question in Texstudio forum then.

TBH, I am not sure how TexStudio does that. It has a checkbox that must be selected: “Start LanguageTool if not running” and it needs the path to the standalone file: languagetool.jar and the server URL: http://localhost:80801/