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Problem with two optional tokens together

Hello, I’m trying to write a rule that will find errors in the term “Parkinson’s disease”. This rule won’t catch the term “Parkinsons disease”, though. Given both the ’ and the s are optional tokens, shouldn’t it match that term and fix it?

    <antipattern case_sensitive='yes'>
        <token spacebefore="no">’</token>
        <token spacebefore="no">s</token>
        <token spacebefore="no" min="0">’</token>
        <token spacebefore="no" min="0">s</token>
        <message><suggestion>Parkinson’s disease</suggestion></message>

The English tokenizer was changed recently. See: Changes in the English tokenizer: contractions. See also the comment about apostrophes (at the end).

Many thanks for this.