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Problems when trying to add custom spelling.txt



I’m facing some issues with adding a custom spelling.txt to LanguageTool.

As described here: Custom Ignore and Spelling Files for server side integration
It says, you can just add your custom file to e.g. GermanyGerman and pass it to the method getSpeller in the class GermanSpellRule.
I get a few errors (see attached image).

In my code, I’ve added a constructor in GermanyGerman, updated the construcor in German and added the path as a variable to GermanSpellerRule. I’ve also updated the swiss and austrian files.

  private final String PATH;
  public GermanyGerman(String path) {
		this.PATH = path;

  public String[] getCountries() {
    return new String[]{"DE"};

  public String getName() {
    return "German (Germany)";

  public List<Rule> getRelevantRules(ResourceBundle messages) throws IOException {
    List<Rule> rules = new ArrayList<>(super.getRelevantRules(messages));
    rules.add(new GermanSpellerRule(messages, this, this.PATH));
    return rules;

What else do I have to consider?



I forgot to keep the empty constructor in GermanyGerman and German