Proofreading API integration with TinyMCE

I have been trying to integrate LT with my ReactJS application that uses tinyMCE editor.
I have already implemented On-Premises LT in my app, it’s working for simple text fields, however its not detecting tinyMCE editor fields.

After googling for some time I found a demo plugin that uses LT for TinyMCE 4, but I am afraid its not working
GitHub - KnowZero/tinymce4-languagetool: Attempt to port Language Tool Spelling and Grammar Check to TinyMCE 4 [ALPHA/EXPIREMENTAL] .

Can anyone please let me know regarding how to use on premise LT for tinymce fields? I am stuck on it for a while now :frowning:


We don’t offer a free solution for this, but the premium version comes with a Javascript widget that should work with TinyMCE 4. Feel free to contact our support and ask them for the widget. You can find the email address at Imprint - LanguageTool.