Proper Nound spell check

Is there a setting in LT dictionary spellchecking (en_us) for “Proper Noun Capitalization Rule” where it ignores spell checking a word that is not at the start of a sentence and starts with a capital letter thus assuming it is a proper noun. for the style guide I am working on there are far too many and unkown personal names and city/town names for me to add them to the ignore.txt.

I looked for a setting in the .info file, such as “fsa.dict.speller.ignore-all-uppercase” but I didn’t find anything (I also didn’t find an en_us .info file but assumed I could create one?)

Thanks for any help or suggestions

You could use a disambiguation rule in disambiguation.xml. Something like this:

<rule id="IGNORE_CAPITALIZED_WORDS" name="ignore all capitalized words">
        <token postag="SENT_START"/>
        <token min="0" max="4" regexp="yes">\p{P}</token>
        <token case_sensitive="yes" regexp="yes">\p{Lu}.*</token>
        <token case_sensitive="yes" regexp="yes">\p{Lu}.*</token>
    <disambig action="ignore_spelling"/>

Thank you for the suggestion, with a few tweaks I was able to get that to work.