Provide Language (Variant) in HTML - Override Detection

Is there a way to help the language detection of the browser add-on or even override the detected language on a website?

For example something like this:

<textarea lang="de-AT">Guten Tag</textarea>

(did not work when I tested id)


<textarea data-lt-language="it-CH">Bun di</textarea>

lang=... is actually supposed to work. it-CH isn’t supported by LT, though (use simply it). If you could provide a full test file, we’ll try to have a look.

Thank you Daniel for your answer. It works to detect the “main” language code. In our company we use LT premium for our customer care employees. They are answering e-mails for Germany, Switzerland and Austria in our ticket system - it would have been great if the browser plugin (Safari or Chrome) would automatically set the variant of the German language by defining lang=“de-CH” in the textarea for our reply.

Now I see. Thanks for the report, I’ve created an issue in our internal bug tracker for this.

top-notch! I am sure this enhancement would also be helpful for other use cases.