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[pt] Advice creating rule - 2021-02-09



I would like to ask for your advice creating rules that improve the general grammar of texts.

Here is the sentence in my thesis:
“O design requer muitas alterações para as resoluções 1080/4K/8K/10K, que cada vez serão mais comuns.”
→ que cada vez serão mais comuns → que serão cada vez mais comuns

But, I pasted the sentence to replace in the morphologic analysis tool and “cada vez mais” is an RG.

Is there a way of creating a generic rule that could be applied to all texts?


I don’t understand what do you need?

Do you mean adverbial phrases with different lengths? You could do this:
<token min="1" max="4" postag="RG"/>

Ahhhh… what I mean is that I want to change the order of a few words here and there to make the text more readable.