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[pt] conjugate verbs

(Marco A.G.Pinto) #1


A few months ago I sent an e-mail to the owner of the site:
asking him if we could link to his page if someday we had an option to conjugate verbs.

He has replied yesterday giving permission.

Could an option to conjugate verbs be added to LanguageTool?


(Daniel Naber) #2

How would that fit into the concept of LT? Where would it be placed in the UI? Who’s going to add that to all the add-ons we have? What about other languages not supported by

(Marco A.G.Pinto) #3

You are right, Daniel, I just thought of it because the Portuguese commercial grammar checker (FLIP) has that option.

(Tiago F. Santos) #4

Hi Marco,

Great to see you have again time to dedicate to LanguageTool.

You do not need to ask permission to link:

Natura Dictionaries already uses conjugator affixes. As a dictionary tool creator, you can easily retrieve that information in your tool and create the appropriate text/XML tables.
Integral solution like yours already exists in projects like Grammalect (french). Also, I believe it would be trivial to make a multi-language translation from public domain tool “French Verb Conjugator”:

Might be worth checking.

Easier still is, if you wish to help LanguageTool, or the Portuguese project, there are several task here that fit any skill level, so you can implement them by yourself. As a broad idea, I mention a handful of them.

  1. Add URLs to all your existing rules, explaining the reasoning behind the rule.
  2. Review Transifex Portuguese interface translation, spell-check, eliminate informal language and incorrect translations.
  3. Find postag errors and report them:
    [pt] POSTAG bug hunting thread
  4. Improve the pt-PT dictionary used here. You are used to this task for en-GB. No need for inclusion, nor approval by third parties as in the Natura Project. If there are errors or controversies we debate them.
  5. Reorganize your rules in the appropriate categories.
  6. Improve your old rules with the knowledge you gained over time. Inflect verbs, add regular expressions to postags, add more exceptions, etc…
  7. Find (mature) examples in the test Wikipedia corpus, and add them to the existing rules. You can have more than one example per rule and they improve regression testing.

I hope these guidelines are of assistance.