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[pt] False positives in "Contraction" rules


I was looking at the nightly diff and there are false positives with the contractions rules.

Please see the MS Word screenshot that shows that in certain cases the words can’t be contracted.



The image was auto resized too much…

Here is a piece of it more visible:

Thank you for the report.

I have noticed it on the regression tests. There is an exception, when the pronoun of a regular contraction is followed by a verb in the infinitive, that I have not accounted for.
Tomorrow, I will push a fix to this in accordance to the above as well as a few improvements to the reduncy rules.
I will also have to address 2nd token capital letters and the ‘onde’ cases. The remaining positives are legit positives.

While we are reviewing this, please, also review your 4 contraction rules I have commented.

I can’t remember anything :frowning:

What 4 contraction rules?

Link in the description explains why.

ahhhh… change as you like :slight_smile:

When I created the “dum” e “duma” rules I thought that it was more correct to use “de um” and “de uma”.