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[pt] Final/Fim - 2019-07-25



I noticed that the Brazilian customers at the supermarket usually use “final” instead of “fim”.
“No FINAL do/da dia/semana/mês/ano”.

Is it a good idea to create a rule for this?

If so, what should I write in its suggestion?


Is it a good idea to create a rule for this?

If I have doubts about the validity of a rule, I do not add it, because maybe it is not a universal rule.
I wouldn’t be able to tell the origin of a speaker by that detail (FIM/FINAL), but I am a “northerner”. I am almost certain I heard both ways many times.
If you believe that that rule is useful, add it to pt-pt inside the proper category, but I would recommend setting it to default='off'.

Ahhhhh… I have some doubts and no expert to ask… maybe it is better not to add it then :slight_smile:

There is a difference between ‘fim’ and ‘final’. Let’s take as an example ‘fim de semana’ and ‘final de semana’.The first case (fim de semana) concerns Saturday and Sunday. The second case (final de semana) refers to the late hours of Sunday.

If you want to, take a look at this:,MI126920,71043-Fim+de+semana+ou+Final+de+semana

PS All this, taking Sunday into account as the last day of the week.