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[pt] Fix false positives - 2019-10-23


The rule created by Tiago created tons of false positives:

+Line 1, column 26, Rule ID: PT_DIACRITICS_REPLACE
+Message: ‘para’ é uma expressão estrangeira importada cuja grafia tem diacríticos. É preferível escrever ‘Pará’
+Suggestion: Pará
+Nada melhor que um banho para nos acordar.

  •                     ^^^^       

I tried to disable it by finding: PT_DIACRITICS_REPLACE

But I failed in finding it.

Where is it?

And, why only now it created the false positives?


False positives started to appear because the rule was supposed to be case-insensitive but due to a bug that never worked (see I’ve turned the rule off by default for now so we can hopefully fix it. Instead of just turning on case-sensitivity again, maybe you could go over the list (pt/diacritics.txt) and see whether it needs to be cleaned up?

@marcoagpinto this is the file

I already commented out “Para”. Please note that the matching is case-insensitive.

Looks like this fix changed the AbstractReplaceRule2 behaviour. How can the changes in downstream projects be mitigated?

I’ll add this to our change log:

  • AbstractSimpleReplaceRule2 has been fixed so that it’s now case-insensitive.
    If you implement a sub class of it and you want the old behavior, please implement
    isCaseSensitive() and have it return true. (Issue #2051)