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[pt] Foreign words (italised)

(Marco A.G.Pinto) #1



What is the file that stores the subject’s words?

I have a physical dictionary with tons of them, but mostly are Latin, so the speller will show them as typos.

But in other grammar book, starting at page 100, I have tons of them.

I will try to do some work on it before the official release date at the end of March.


[pt] Portuguese rule contribution/discussion
(Tiago F. Santos) #2

It depends. If they have a commonly used replacement use the replace_multi.txt file and add the Portuguese equivalent.
It is a list of Latin expressions like the one you see in multiwords.txt, and that I will add one of these days, make a new text file and I will create a new Java rule for Latin expressions.
If they are single words, they should be in a grammar.xml rule and in the spelling.txt.

Add to grammar.xml beginning section:

<!ENTITY latim "ipsis|verbis|lorem|....

Notice that if the rule is too extensive, it may have to be trimmed or disabled by default.
Even with the commonly accepted barbarisms I have added, I had to make more revision work than what I had expected.

Please, do not add an entire Latin dictionary, like this:
Try to limit to the most common words and expressions. Tons is good, but it has to be workable.

(Tiago F. Santos) #3

Done as multiwords in multiwords.txt.
All the most common phrases are covered now, chunked in two words groups , so it actually extends its usefulness without significant false positive increase.
Other texts can be formatted as Latin and use the regular Latin dictionary.