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[pt] Help with a rule - 2020-09-28

Hello @jaumeortola

I am planning to create two rules, but they need a special suggest:
“Isto POR TER ESTADO a trabalhar”

“Isto POR TEREM FEITO o trabalho”


In simple words, I need to suggest the #3 verb in the same person as the #2 person verb.

This is the first rule. The second one is different, but has this behaviour.

Can you tell me how to do it in the suggest?


Examples for this are in the (moved) wiki.
You will have to use the match no= postag_regexp=yes postag = etc

I will become stressed if I have to read documentation to try to find something :frowning:

Hm. Can’t help you wih that. Nor edit a rule from my phone. There are lots of examples in the Dutch grammar file.

Best way for this usung unification:

Never understood how that works. Looks useful, but hints are to vague, probably because it is in a language I don’t know at all.

The disadvantage of unification is that you can not create a suggestion for the general case and can not create rule with rule editor from

So what can it be used for apart from antipatterns?
Rules are there for detecting mistakes, not for correct text.
Or should I consider making unifucations for things that do not match, like plural noun and singular verb?
Can you think of a useful application in English?

Thank you for all your help.

I have been able to code the rule using an easier way for me: