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[pt] Idea for rule - 2021-04-22

Hello @udomai @jaumeortola

I have been thinking about a rule that reorders part of sentences.

For example:

“Vamos usar resoluções que cada vez serão mais comuns nos computadores recentes.”

For example, we could reorder:

“que cada vez serão”


“que serão cada vez”

So, I could check for:
RG (min=“1” max=“2”)

Is it a good approach?

If so, what name and suggestion message should I give to the rule?


Looks like an excellent rule! I’m curious to see if it works.

“Esta frase poderia soar melhor com o verbo antes de ‘\ 1’.” (Which, as always, please transform this into nice-sounding Portuguese if I’ve messed up :slight_smile: “Talvez esta frase soasse melhor…”?)

and maybe COLOCACAO_ADVERBIO? This would be the beginning of a bi rulegroup with different contexts of misplaced adverbs.


I am revising the grammar of my thesis, so I came up with this idea in a part of it.

I, too, am curious to see how the rule will behave.