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[pt] Idea for rule: grande(s) → enorme(s) - 2022-07-21


Hello Ricardo,

Look at this:

“O Rui fez grandes contribuições para o projeto.”
“O Rui teve grandes contribuições para o projeto.”
“O Rui foi importante com grandes contribuições para o projeto.”

The keywords here are:
Verb “fazer”, “ter” and the word “com”.
Then “grande(s)”
Then noun
Then “para” or others similar.

It would suggest replacing “grande(s)” with “enorme(s)” to cause more impact in the writing.

Is it a good idea?

Do you have a good name for rule ID, rule name and suggestion message?



The verb “dar” could too be used.

For rule ID, maybe: “GRANDES_ENORMES”

For rule name, perhaps something like: “grandes(s) → enorme(s)”.

Then, only the suggestion message is missing.

Hi, it may not be a good idea. If grande turns to enorme, how to differ both terms? Think of this:
Carlos fez grandes contribuições, mas Paulo fez enormes contribuições.
If grandes is now enormes, we can’t keep the word enormes for Paulo… And Paulo did more than Carlos

Well thought!