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[pt] "mais probabilidade" vs "maior probabilidade"



I have a philosophical question.

I want to add an entry in wordiness that suggests replacing “mais probabilidade” with “maior probabilidade”.

For example:
“A minha chave do euromilhões tem mais probabilidade de sair.”
“A minha chave do euromilhões tem maior probabilidade de sair.”

I did a Google search for the words and “maior” get around twice the hits.

But I am afraid to add this without asking first.

What is your opinion?


I don’t know Portuguese… In my opinion, both sentences seem equally valid. I wouldn’t do any rule unless there is some recommendation about it in a stylebook.


Because LanguageTool is an assistant not a translator. The suggestions not the corrections could be several. I agree with Jaume.

I opened a ticket in a university site about grammar, and they replied that it can be used both ways with a slight difference.

Since I can’t measure the slight difference, it can’t be coded.