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[PT] Object Pronoun

I have just created a rule to correct the misuse between subject and object pronouns in Portuguese. Example:

Eu quero comprar ele. (I want to buy he). — That’s how it is in Portuguese.
Eu quero comprá-lo. — That’s the correct version would be.

For you to understand the changes, these are them for “Comprar ele” (which has a mistake):

“Ele” cannot be used in that situation because it is a subject pronoun. In this case, the object pronoun is " O". Because the verb is ended in R, the verb loses it and receives an accent (comprá). Then “O” receives L in front of it (LO). The expression becomes COMPRÁ-LO. as you can see, both words become linked by a hyfen.

This is the rule I have created:

<rule id="PRONOME_OBLIQUIO" name="Pronome obliquio">
  <token postag='VMN.*' postag_regexp='yes'></token>
  <token postag='PP3.*' postag_regexp='yes'></token>
 <message>Uso inadequado do pronome. '<match no="1" regexp_match="VMN.*" regexp_replace=""/>-<match no="2"/></message>
 <example correction=''><marker>comprar ele</marker>.</example>

The problem I have is that I am not being able to make a suggestion. Can anybody help me out, please?


Check the morphologic information at:
changing it to Portuguese.

Write: “comprá-lo” and it will show the postags:

comprá comprar VMX0000
- - _PUNCT
lo o PP3MSA00 

I hope this helps.

It is a good rule.

If you make it work, I will commit it with your name in it.