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[pt] Personal Infinitive

I have written a rule for this mistake: “Para tu trabalha.” The correct form is: “Para tu trabalhares”. In this correct form, the verb is Personal Infinitive (infinitivo pessoal). The problem of my rule is on suggesting Personal Infinitive (infinitivo pessoal) for 2nd person of singular (tu).

This is my rule:

Can anyone help me out with that, please?

Could you paste the rule as text, so it’s easier to copy and paste it?

      <token regexp='yes'>para</token>
      <token regexp_postag='eu|ele|ela|N..S000' postag_regexp='yes'></token>
      <token postag='VMM02S.*' postag_regexp='yes'></token>
    <message>Conjugação verbal inadequada.</message>
      <suggestion><match no="3" postag='VMG.*' postag_regexp="yes" postag_replace="VMN.*"/></suggestion>
    <example correction=''>Para eu <marker>trabalha</marker> em casa.</example>
    <example>Para eu trabalhar em casa.</example>

Have you tried It will check your rule and find some issues, e.g. regexp_postag= doesn’t exist, it needs to be postag=. Then postag='eu|ele|ela|N..S000 won’t as it combines direct tokens like eu and POS tags like N..S000. You either need to write two rules, or use <or> as shown at

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