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[pt] Possible false positive - 2019-03-01


Hello Tiago,

The nightly flags:
“Esta técnica falha 5 em cada 1000 ocorrências.”

It says it has no verb, but “falha” is a verb:
falha falha

Is it easy to fix?



On LibreOffice it says there is no space chr after the “:”:
“Fonte: Marco A.G.Pinto (2019)”

Used in my thesis on figures and tables.

This is a false trigger of a disambiguation rule. It is a core rule in disambiguation, and it is tricky to change it. I willneed many more examples to do it. Please check your sentences in the standalone tool and press Ctrl+T (‘Marcar texto’).
Collect 10 examples minimum of this disambiguation rule false triggers and I will be able to solve it.

I can not reproduce the issue, but that is a generic multilanguage rule. May have to do with recent changes on it, and I am still using an old java build.