[pt] Rule: "à última da hora"

Hello @tiagosantos

The “à n tempo” rule creates a false positive with the rule in the subject.

Could you add an exception to “à n tempo” with “última”?

Right now I am swamped in my studies and had time for nothing.

When I returned from the North on Friday, I had 400+ e-mails to read and no time to dig dip into it.

I will try to add a few new rules before the end of the year but I can’t promise much.


But, on 1-DEC, I will try to get the Wikipedia sentences as planned, so that we can analyse and reduce false positives to a minimum.

Tiago, you are doing a great job!


Kind regards,

Marco A.G.Pinto

Not sure if I understand what you mean. Is this for cases like “à ultima da hora”? If so, I will add later the exception.
I will fix this and extend some of your rules that are already good. I have already planned a batch of other additions, and that will come in the proper order.

Thank you for the heads up. Best regards.

Yes, Portuguese people (popular expression) usually say “à última da hora” but I read in the grammar books that it is “à última hora”, so, by adding an exception “última” it would fix this rule and other possible issues.



I have pushed, among others, that fix to master. You may be able to test in the latest SNAPSHOT.


Thanks, Tiago!

I will test with the nightly :slight_smile: