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[pt] Rule: efeito-estufa > efeito de estufa


Tiago, sorry to bother you with this.

Could you add the following rule to the grammar.xml?:

<!-- EFEITO-ESTUFA efeito de estufa -->
<rule id="EFEITO_ESTUFA" name="efeito de estufa">
  <message>Substitua por <suggestion>efeito de estufa</suggestion>.</message>
  <example correction="efeito de estufa">O calor deve-se ao <marker>efeito-estufa</marker>.</example>	  

I updated Dropbox manually a week or two ago and now TortoiseSVN doesn’t show the repository as changed and the “SVN update” doesn’t work.


Only “commit” works.


Maybe I will have to wait for an update of Dropbox or Tortoise.

Thank you my friend,

This rule is great and can belong to a new category. I just do not know yet which one (or how to name it appropriately).

This is an expression not accepted in all references, so I suggest to add it only after a good category definition is found, since adding it is controversial.

Most writers (me included) do not use that form of the expression. Also on “our” weather agency:
Notice that both expressions are used interchangeably in the page.

As a suggestion, “Expressões controversas não aceites por todos os linguístas”?

I believe we need a shorter name :slight_smile:

Who can help us?

Yes. That is an really bad category name. I have seen a similar “Expressões não aceites em todos os dicionários”, but it would not apply, it is grammar, and it is equally large.
My other idea is to add both options as suggestions and it can be added to the regular grammar section. Maybe with this URL, that explains both options:

Yes :slight_smile:


“Gramática multi-aceite”
“Gramática com multi-aceitação”

It just came to mind :slight_smile:

Added with credits on the rule. I extended the rule to incorrectly inflected forms.