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[pt] Rule for "em suma" - 2022-06-12

Hello @rjlima

Just a small idea I had for a basic rule for PhD theses and scientific texts:
If it finds:

para concluir (maybe check for verb “concluir” to use in all persons)
para concluirmos

It suggests replacing with:

em suma

Being restricted to sentences ending with “,” or “:”, to remove false positives.

<message>Se for um texto académico/científico, pondere melhorar a linguagem.</message>

Is it a good idea?


A similar rule:

“A Ana percebeu exatamente o contrário!”

Suggest replacing “contrário” with “oposto”.

V.+ AND RM AND “o” AND “contrário”

I believe there won’t be false positives in such a rule.


I vote for both! In the second, is ‘exatamente’ going to remain? Maybe a good idea to remove it!?

That was the idea:

“A Ana percebeu EXATAMENTE o oposto.”

However “exatamente” has the POS “RM” so it should give hits with similar words.

Ahhh… should it be removed?



I have coded the EM_SUMA and attached the hits iin the commit:

They all seem valid.

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I have coded the CONTRÁRIO_OPOSTO rule:

I have attached there the results.

Are they all valid?


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They are!