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[pt] Rule: ou seja, → ou seja:

Hello @rjlima

All over my thesis I use “ou seja,” but last week I was working on a document written by the thesis supervisor, and he uses “ou seja:” (two dots).

“Tudo depende do utilizador, ou seja, de quem sabe.” (suggest using “:” instead of “,” after the “seja”.

Should I suggest two dots?


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In Brazilian standard norm, the commas are accepted and there is no prescription to use two dots.
Maybe if what comes after ou seja is independent from what comes before two dots would make more sense but I don’t know how to inform it.

Hi, guys! I’m not an academic person, but a former reporter/journalist in Brazil. I believe the using of two dots is not only a grammar issue but also a resource for emphasis. So, you may use commas if “ou seja” comes in the middle of the sentence, or you may use two dots if you want to make an “emphasis pause”.

PS: my English is not good as my Portuguese :sweat_smile:

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Hi Emidia,
Yes, indeed “ou seja:” can be used. Note that the rule would only allow this form, and this is why I replied. So currently, both are accepted by LT (ou seja: and ,ou seja,).

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