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[pt] Rule: simplify sentences of with verb IR+ao+NC+VERB_INF+O+NC

Hello @rjlima

This is a very useful and easy to create rule.

Look at the sentence I wrote on WhatsApp:

Podes ir ao IRC e identificar o nick antes da data limite?

Basically, can “e” be removed if the verb before is in infinitive (following the rules below)?:

Podes ir ao IRC identificar o nick antes da data limite?

It would look for
VERB_IR + AO (other words too, like “à”?) + NC + “e” + VERB_INFINITIVE + “o” (any word here?) + NC

What do you think of it?

It is very easy to code and powerful.

Should it work only with the verb “IR”?

Do you have a good name for the ID, rule name and suggestion text?

Thank you, my friend.

Yes it might be worth a try. I was thinking about other verbs but only ‘ir’ fits.
As for the name: Simplificação de verbo ir + outros verbos
ID: Ir_simplificação
Message: Você pode retirar a conjunção ‘e’ para tornar o texto mais fluido.


Thank you!

I now have a good task for 5am.


I have been fixing the number agreement rules, as you can see in the commits.


Hello Ricardo!

I have just finished coding and testing the rule.

There seems to be no false positives.

This is what we can call a very simple and powerful rule.

I have attached the results against 600 000 sentences in the commit.

Portuguese (Portugal): 11 total matches
Portuguese (Portugal): ø0.00 rule matches per sentence
Portuguese (Portugal): 17349 input lines ignored (e.g. not between 10 and 300 chars or at least 4 tokens)

While revising my thesis a couple of days ago or so, I also came up with a similar rule idea which I will post in the forum in a few hours.

Dear brother Ricardo, we are changing the world!

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