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[pt] Simplify verb "ir" + infinitive

Hello @rjlima

Hello Ricardo,

Yesterday I typed a sentence on IRC and came up with an idea.

What is your opinion?:

[00:36:37] <@Master_of_Chaos> vão-me obrigar a ir lá para marcar a consulta
>remover "para" (para marcar a consulta)
only verb "ir"?
verb infinitive only?

Now I am writing down all the ideas that appear, and I have some more written down.


Good idea!


Do you have a good ID, rule name and rule suggestion message?


ID: eliminacao_ir_para
Name: Simplificação de locução com verbo ‘ir’
Suggestion: Você pode simplificar a segunda parte da locução eliminando a preposição ‘para’


The “IR_E” was similar to the “PARA” so I just improved the rule a bit.

I have attached the results in the commit:

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