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[pt] Subjunctive Future

Can anybody help me out with the suggestion of the following rule, please? For the suggestion, the verb has to be in the 2nd person singular of the Future of the Subjunctive (tu trabalhares).

        <token postag='VMM02S0' postag_regexp='yes'></token>
    <message>Conjugação inadequada. <suggestion><match no="3" regexp_match="VMM02S0" regexp_replace="VMSF2S0"/></suggestion></message>
    <example correction=''><marker>Para tu trabalha</marker>.</example>
    <example>Para tu trabalhares.</example>

Try this:

<message>Conjugação inadequada. <suggestion><match no="3" postag_regexp="yes" postag="VMM02S0" postag_replace="VMSF2S0"/></suggestion></message>
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