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[pt] Verb in infinitive



I know I sound like a lazy arse, but could you tell me how to check if a verb is in the infinitive (ter, querer, saber, etc.)?

I had an idea for a rule while revising my thesis:
“mas sem ter” → “sem ter” :slight_smile:

“O Rui queria responder, mas sem ter de ler o livro”

Does it seem like a good rule?

Thank you!

Tiago, I was thinking and maybe the rule works with all forms of the verbs and not just infinitive?

But I would like your opinion.



What is wrong with this rule?:

<rule id='MAS_SEM_VERB' name="sem VERBO">
<!--      Created by Marco A.G.Pinto, Portuguese rule      -->
    <token postag_regexp='yes' postag='V.+'></token>
<message>Melhore a redação.</message>
  <suggestion>/2 /3</suggestion>
  <example correction="sem /3">O Rui queria passar, <marker>mas sem /3</marker> o tema.</example>      

It gives errors in TESTRULES PT


I think “/3” in example gives errors.