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[pt] Verb related question

Hello @rjlima

I have started using a technique in the antipatterns that in some cases, instead of using specific verbs forms, I use all verbs singular/plural, like this:


My last test with verbs in singular removed the sentence:

Não é possível para os humanos viver para sempre.

I know I may sound naive, but it is correct, right? It is “viver” not “viverem”.

If "viver” is correct in this sentence, I will soon start replacing the verbs in the antipatterns using this new technique.

Thank you, Ricardo.

ok, great, go ahead!


It is correct then?


My mother said the subject is plural, so the verb should be plural.

But you know better than my mother.

Haha, this is a controversial issue. We don’t feel plural as wrong, and it’s ok to accept/use the plural. However, LT is subjected to the laws of standard norm, and as such may obey it, indicating the verb in the singular.