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[pt] Wikipedia and Tatoeba sentences outdated?



I have been noticing that the nightly results show differences between my tests and the automatic tests.

Look here:ÃO_VESTIR_CALÇAR[1].html

In my tests against 600 000 or 900 000 sentences, it didn’t show the above.

I have:

ptwiki-20121230-pages-articles.xml (~820 MB)
tatoeba-pt.txt (~6MB)

Are there more recent version you could send me?


This is the data used for the nightly diff: Dropbox - - Simplify your life


Thank you!

And for pt-BR, is it the same file?




I have just finished creating a rule to replace one from Tiago Santos.

On the next rules/tests, I will use your file for the sentences.

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