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Public API Not Working (Characters Limit)

Hello guys! I’ve been using the public API of LT for long time on my website, and since few days it doesn’t work anymore! It doesn’t matter if I proofread 1 or 2 words, the message of the characters limit kicks in and I’m not able to correct it! Could you advise if something changed in the public API?

No, there shouldn’t be any change. Can you post the link to your website? - I also sent an email to support. Could be the requests are too high and they want me to upgrade to a paid plan - thing which is totally fine to me, but, at least, we would like to be notified first in order to make the process smooth instead of interrupting the service Daniel.

Sorry, the email was not sent to support - but sales!

This is documented at

We expect you to add a link back to that’s clearly visible.

As you didn’t add a link, we have blocked your site.

Hello Daniel, the link is in about us page (has always been there) but why not notifying, sorry? It’s question of 2 minutes moving the link from one place to another.

Could you let me know where you would like to see it and we’ll do it asap, to get the site unblocked?

Is here ok?

The link on the about page is so hidden that I don’t even find it when looking for it. If you move it to the front page, we can unblock you in 2-3 days.

Confirm if ok please!

It’s “LanguageTool” with an uppercase “T”. Also, please make sure it’s a normal link (no “nofollow” attribute).

Fixed - no attribute - only _blank! Thanks for your support Daniel!

Hi Camilla,
I’ve checked your site, and I was wondering what do you mean by the sentence:

“(…) Approved by the University of Harvard ( in the USA.”

Could you explain that a bit? Thanks.

Hey Miguel, go to the about us page and send an email to marketing for this question, as they take care of the contents, thanks!

Did the link to LanguageTool suddenly disappear?

Hello Daniel! Sorry, our devs moved the site to a new server this weekend and I think there’s an issue with an old version - will be fixed in few hours!

I still don’t see the link?

Hello Daniel, could you check now?

The proper spelling is “LanguageTool”, not “Language Tool”.

Misspelt, corrected!