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Recent LibreOffice extension development


concerning the significant number of bugs in the LibO extension snapshots recently, I wonder what the reason is for that. A major architectural change? But I couldn’t find any mentioning of that in the changes file. Could you please shed some light on recent (and/or future) extension development?

The reason I’m asking is that I think a large proportion of LT users are non-programmers that are scared of error messages or otherwise non-functional software. Offering LT support (CE only) to innocent users, having some insight into what was/is going on would make the offering a little more easy for me. Thanks!

The code has been changed a lot to also detect errors that require an analysis of the whole text, not just the current sentence. This affects rules like the one that check whether quotes are closed.

Here’s a list of all LibreOffice-related issues:

Thank you, much appreciated information! Still, a note in the change log would be nice.

Letting the premium version aside, do all extensions have an equivalent feature set (as far as that is possible by the underlying application)? That is, are all extension developed in sync or are features tried out in one workhorse extension and ported to the other extensions later? In case of the latter, what is that workhorse extension?

Those extensions that use a remote server get the latest checks as deployed on Extensions like the LibreOffice one come with an embedded LT. Also see