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Redudent spaces rule triggered when adding cross-reference and a false positive

Hi Folks. In a German text I am using cross references to reference another chapter. This prompts Language Tool to complain because of the spaces. I assume this is because the chapter reference does not count as a word, but I was wondering if there is a way to fix this?

Example: “In Chapter [3.5.2] you can read more about this bug”

Also, I am getting “Selbstständige” marked when using it as a Noun. Am I getting it wrong and it should be written differently, or is this a problem with the rules? I know it is short for “selbstständige Erwerbstätige”, but it is used quite commonly as a Noun, at least when spoken.

Example: “Häufig profitieren Selbstständige nicht davon solche Berichte zu erstellen”

I’ve fixed the issue with “Selbstständige”, thanks for the report. About the space rule, I assume you’re talking about using LT in LibreOffice? I think this is a known issue, but I don’t have time to look at it.

Thanks. Yes, I am talking about use in LibreOffice. Is there a github issue I can follow about the spaces issue?

I’ve found another word, I suspect there may be a few more like this: “Mitwirkende” and “Mitwirkender”

I don’t think there’s a github issue, feel free to open one (but note we have more than 100 open issues, so the chance that someone will fix this is rather low). I’ve added “Mitwirkende” and “Mitwirkender”, too. Yes, there are more of these cases.

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I’ve filed the github issue, thanks for the note.

I’ve found another issue I think could be put into a rule. In German, there is already a rule that forces you to make “einen” lowercase in “Zum einen möchte ich ein neues Thema erstellen”. It would be nice to have a similar rule for “anderen” in “Zum anderen gibt es aber schon ein Thema” if they are used in multiple sentences. I guess there may be some conflicts with other sentences like “Zum anderen Ende sind es noch 500m.” but maybe you have a bright idea how to pour this into a rule.

Would you prefer I create new topics for each new rule, or can I reuse my old topic for some issues I find. I will only be posting until the end of the month (if at all) since that is when my paper is due.

Feel free to post here, but please don’t be disappointed if your ideas don’t get implemented… at least my TODO list is already full of ideas for new rules, and not that many people are working on German rules.

No worries at all, I know how it is. If I find time maybe I can look into creating them myself.

Another possible rule I noticed: “Das Verfahren erhält den vorläufigen Namen …” – if you accidentally capitalize “Vörläufigen” it does not complain.