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Regarding addition of support for Hindi

(ankita-ks) #1

Hi, I have added support for Hindi in LanguageTool. It is very primitive right now with only a couple of rules just as a proof of concept. Can anyone suggest how can I move further with it? Would it be possible to submit a patch for the same?
Thank you! :slight_smile:

(Daniel Naber) #2

Thanks! Are you aware that someone else is also working on this? See - could you contact them and coordinate your efforts? We can add support for Hindi once it’s more than a proof of concept, i.e. once there is a significant number of rules. Until then, you can continue work in your fork - I assume you did your work in a fork at github, didn’t you?

(ankita-ks) #3

Yes, I did.This makes sense. I will get back when there are more rules for the language. :slight_smile: Thank you.