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Regression test problems

We have moved some servers to a new hosting company, but the nightly regression test isn’t quite stable yet, i.e. the email wasn’t sent. You can use these links instead to see the diffs:

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I suppose the following issue is related to the regression test server change.
Average CPU time has increased quite a lot for all language modules, but it was particularly noticeable on English. I say this because test time (CPU seconds) in English used to be about the same as the German one.
See and
I see no code change that justifies an increase of 25% more CPU time, especially since no complex rules were added during that period.
What can be being this relative increase in regression test times between English and the remaining languages?

Still email issues today, posting links here instead:

I have no idea about the performance issues, unfortunately.

Email issue is still not solved, links:

Regression tests and updates of aren’t working after 25 March.

Yes, we’re working on it.

The daily email (subject: “LanguageTool (open-source) nightly diff test”) should now finally be sent every day again. If you work on rules and did not get this email tonight (around 02:30), let me know.

I did not receive an email today (2019-03-03) with this message. But, there are no regression errors (

Should I receive the message if there are no errors?

The mail was sent tonight around 02:57 to Can you check your spam folder and if it’s not in there, could you make sure you’re subscribed to this list at (I think you can just re-subscribe if you’re not sure.)

The email wasn’t in the spam bin. I subscribed to the list. Will confirm/deny receipt of email tomorrow.

All is well. I receive the e-mails.