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Reminder: upcoming feature freeze for LT 3.9

Hi, this is just a reminder that the feature freeze for LT 3.9 will start next Tuesday. The release itself is planned for Tuesday, 2017-09-26


As I’m quiet new to software development I’m not quite sure what this means: Are the no commits possible between September 18th and September 26th? Or can they be contributed but will not be implemented into version 3.9?

Only major changes and changes that require translations (e.g. new user interfaces) should not be committed during the feature freeze. New rules can be added as usual, at least as long you’re sure the rule is robust.

Okay… don’t know if that was ever the case yet. :smiley:

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Just don’t worry. The most important rule in a project like this is “be as careful as you can,” but I and probably three other people will check every commit by new German team members for obvious pitfalls, and then there’s the automatic nightly test. It is almost impossible that you break something crucial as long as you don’t touch the Java code.
Even if a bad XML rule gets through the defenses, it will usually not harm the system as a whole. The worst thing that can happen is that LT will produce some weird error messages. It is doing that all the time every now and then anyway (all grammar checkers have this problem).


Brilliant post, Jan. On this upbeat tone, another meme to wrap it up.