Replacing text when selecting the Paraphrasing suggestions not working


  1. LT is able to show various suggestions for parapharsing but when I click on it it is not replacing the text in Slack.
  2. Also, there is no paraphrasing option in chrome, is that by design ?

Hi Jay, are you using the desktop app for Mac or the Slack web app?

In Chrome, rephrasing should work, but it needs to be enabled once (clicking on the “LT” in the browser’s toolbar, then selecting the option) if you want it to work on double click.

I am using a desktop app for MAC. So, the two problems that I shared are different.

  1. In slack MAC app, the Language tool for MAC is showing paraphrases but not replacing the text when clicked
  2. In chrome Language tool extension I have it already clicked and looks like it works for 1 word double click.
    Edit - It does work when I double click on one word, but lets say I have a sentence like this
    “My name is A. I work as an Software developer”
    If I double click on My, it will only show me paraphrasing for “My name is A”, is there a way to get paraphrasing for both the sentences together ?

Not yet. The paraphrasing is sentence-based. I’ll ask a colleague about the other problem you mentioned.


Unfortunately, that can happen in some cases currently. This is because the sentence cannot be properly detected. We’re currently working on getting slack a bit more stable.

We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Please stay tuned for updates.