Restarting the Tamil Grammar Rules Project

Back in 2014, I created the Tamil grammar Rules for LanguageTool that are now in use. I was also maintaining Tamil LibreOffice; so, there was a natural fit. However, after creating around 85 or so rules, I handed the project to a friend and left. It appears there has been hardly any progress since.

I’d like to get involved again. Kindly point out how I could quickly bring myself up to speed and start contributing again. I’ve seen this document:

Also, may I know if LanguageTool could do spellchecking as well now? It wasn’t able to do so in the past. Kindly point out the documentation for this, as well, if applicable.


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I suggest you check out the current code from GitHub and start creating pull requests that improve error detection for Tamil.

LT supports spell checking, but there’s no spell checking available in LT for Tamil.