Rule availability with Self-Hosted Server

Hey guys,
I tried the self-hosting variant and only got basic error corrections like misspelling (no comma-rules or any grammar rules). The free version on the LanguageTool site (Where you copy your text into the box) detects a lot more errors. Is it possible to add those error-rules which the free browser version has to the self-hosted server?
Thanks in advance for any help!

The self-hosted version has many grammar rules, but it doesn’t have AI-based rules (and it’s not possible to add them, they are not Open Source).

Thanks for the reply!
Are some of those AI rules included in the free Version on the website? Because I’m wondering if it is possible to achieve the same level of correction, the free version has, with self-hosting. If so: are there extra files (extra error rules) I need to add to the Server-Folder (I downloaded it from the link in the documentation) that aren’t included by default to achieve the same level?

On a side note: Thanks for making LT possible, it has helped me a lot with tasks like writing job applications!

Currently, some of them are running on the website. But what’s running on the website can change from day to day, as we also run tests there. A few additional rules can be activated by following this documentation.