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Rule does not found all nouns in POS

I’ve created a rule that should warn when a specific term is preceeded by an “the” but not, when the term is followed by a noun. For the noun, I used the condition you gave me in my last question:

In principle it works, but not all nouns are detected as nouns.
“The Studio car is red” works while
“The Blueprint application is yellow” does not work
Other words that do not work are, for example:
plugin, work area, REST, Library …

Is there a way to tell LanguageTool that these words are nouns?

Sorry, my example was a bit incomplete, as we also have these:

NN:U Mass noun #new tag - deviation from Penn: admiration, air, Afrikaans
NN:UN Noun used as mass #new tag - deviation from Penn: establishment, wax, afternoon

In the standalone version of LT, you can use “Text Checking -> Tag Text” to see the tags that get assigned. For example, “application” is NN:UN (not that this looks right either).

Thanks, for the answer.

Most of the nouns are found now but “plugin” in the sentence

“The Studio plugin is complex.”

is tagged with “[plugin/null,E-NP-singular]”.

For German, there’s a file “added.txt” where new entries can be added. For other languages, the dictionary needs to be exported, modified and imported again as described here:

Of course you could also create your own language by extending the English class and make its getTagger() method return a better tagger that knows about “plugin”.