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Rule tester

I am working on a filemaker tool to permit easy writing of rules. One the XML is generated for a single new rule, I basically have to go to an online version of Language Tool much like you see in the community section for Language Tool where I add the rule to the xml (en) rule set and then I pump in some text to see if the rule works. It is a laborious and doesn’t permit quick testing.

Surely someone has a rule testing tool out there where I put/paste some text of my choice with the target grammar problems present in one field. Then I imagine pasting the rule in another field which is then used as a single rule to check the first text using the Language Tool process. What runs through my mind here is something simple a little like Joseph Rézeau’s online REGEXP tester for those of you who are familiar with that.

I would be happy to find an online tester or get something I could install on my Windows machine.

Anybody? Any thoughts?