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Rules on "in regards to"

This rule…

<rule id="IN_REGARD_TO" name="in regards to (regarding, with regard to)">
                <token regexp="yes">to|of</token>
            <message>Use simply <suggestion>regarding</suggestion> or <suggestion>with regard to</suggestion>.</message>
            <short>Nonstandard phrase</short>
            <example correction="regarding|with regard to">Please be aware of the following changes <marker>in regards to</marker> this program.</example>
            <example>Please be aware of the following changes in this program.</example>

… should also include another suggestion: in regard to.

Note that this rule overlaps with others placed later in the xml:

  • rulegroup id=“IN_REGARD_OR_REGARDS_TO”
  • rule id=“WITH_REFERENCE_OR_REGARD_TO” (The ID contradicts the rule: “in”, not “with”.)

Thanks. Added to my TODO list.


Please refer to

Did you use the LT GUI when you found the problem with the rules for ‘in regards to’?



I first found it while using the LT on LO, then rechecked it on LT homepage.

Btw, I just notice that the “Correct sentences for comparison” has
Please be aware of the following changes in this program.

It’s correct, but seems not so relevant to the rule.



Rules are fixed. Refer to