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RUSSIAN grammatical errors problem

LT informs that there are grammatical errors in the sentence and I do not know how I should fix them in Russian.
As I translate from Russian into Polish (translator **deepl ** and google translator) this has a great influence on the correctness of the translation exactly where there are grammatical errors.

Ok. So what are your expectations or reasons to post this?

90% of the rules for Russian language offer suggestions for corrections. In other cases, it is impossible to generate a suggestion due to technical limitations. I will revise the rules for the possibility of adding a suggestion.

This is just a small example, but grammar errors can be very long in sentences.

Стефан пустился на хитрость - заказал в кондитерской торт с надписью.

LT should propose to correct the word:


As long as you provide the text, and report what is not reported, not just an image, someone might make a rule.
No guarantees however, it is all volunteers work.

I gave the sentence under the photo, didn’t you see?


Intelligent text improvement (with explanation of how to improve :slight_smile: “correct errors automatically, where possible”) and absolutely free. Doesn’t require PREMIUM!

Added missing wordform “кондитерская” (noun) to dictionary. Previously only the adjective form “кондитерский” was in the dictionary.

The bug is fixed now.