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RUSSIAN grammatical errors problem

LT informs that there are grammatical errors in the sentence and I do not know how I should fix them in Russian.
As I translate from Russian into Polish (translator **deepl ** and google translator) this has a great influence on the correctness of the translation exactly where there are grammatical errors.

Ok. So what are your expectations or reasons to post this?

90% of the rules for Russian language offer suggestions for corrections. In other cases, it is impossible to generate a suggestion due to technical limitations. I will revise the rules for the possibility of adding a suggestion.

This is just a small example, but grammar errors can be very long in sentences.

Стефан пустился на хитрость - заказал в кондитерской торт с надписью.

LT should propose to correct the word:


As long as you provide the text, and report what is not reported, not just an image, someone might make a rule.
No guarantees however, it is all volunteers work.

I gave the sentence under the photo, didn’t you see?


Intelligent text improvement (with explanation of how to improve :slight_smile: “correct errors automatically, where possible”) and absolutely free. Doesn’t require PREMIUM!