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Safari extension icon color is slightly off


I’m using LanguageTool 4.2.13 on macOS Monterey 12.0.1. I noticed that no matter which accent color I choose for macOS, the color of the Safari extension’s icon is always slightly lighter than the accent color. Here are the screenshots of all eight color options provided by macOS, and the respective hex values:

Accent color Correct hex LT’s hex Screenshot
Blue 64baff 9aedff
Purple d796e3 ffc4ff
Pink ff98dc ffbcfe
Red ff9a9b ffc1c2
Orange ffc571 ffdd88
Yellow ffff72 ffff6d
Green b5f795 caffa7
Graphite 81daff a3faff

I assume this is a minor bug of LanguageTool and hope it will be fixed.

P.S. Thank you for developing such a great tool, I’ve used it for several months now and wish I had heard of it sooner.

Thank you for the report. One of our developers will have a look.

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