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Second version of LT on computer


I’m asking the same question again with a bit more info in the hope of getting an answer this time


I’m not sure what I did but I seem to have installed a second version of LT on my computer by mistake while using Omega T

The new icon on my desk starts up LanguageTool with a click but the grammar file accessed is not mine (my additional search rules are not there)

It starts to run with the Java logo and seems to be connected with a gui.jar file

Yet, I can’t seem to locate the files to delete them (and revert back to just my original version). I can see that the icon has a shortcut to a Java file but I can’t see where the other files are.

Please answer in not too technical English



I don’t think you need to delete the installation. Just find the original installation and start that (by double clicking the *.jar file). Two installations shouldn’t interfere with each other, so you just need to start the right one.