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Select Language for the Tooltip

For the Firefox and the Thunderbird plugin, the tooltip popup that shows up for underlined text switches languages often. Is there a way to force the tool tip to stay in English?

Thanks for the report, can you send an example, so we can try to reproduce this?

If I just type asdjhflasdhjk in a new Thunderbird compose message, when clicking and hovering over the mistyped text, I see:

Er is een mogelijke spelfout gevonden.

This spelling error message should stay in English, the native language of the system locale, and the native language of Thunderbird. If I type:

The cat in the hat. asdjhflasdhjk  

The misspelled word has the correct English tooltip. Is the language of the tooltip selected based on NLP result? This seems like a bad idea. The tooltip language should stick to Thunderbird’s native menu language.

Hmm. It seems to come and go. I’ll try to make it reproducible.

Ah. Ok, the issue occurs when I select Experimental settings > Local server and I have my own LanguageTool server running with:

/usr/bin/languagetool --http --allow-origin: "*" --language "en"

I have this version of Languagetool (version 5.4-1) installed:

We’ll improve this a bit with the next release of the add-on. But even then, you should set fasttextModel and fasttextBinary in your server configuration, so get better language detection for short texts.

Will do. And thanks for addressing my issue.