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Separating spell check from grammar check into two buttons

Correct spelling improves the accuracy of the Part of Speech tagger. It therefore makes sense for users to correct their spelling prior to checking their grammar. So here’s my question.

Is there a way to separate the spell check function from the grammar check function so that clicking “Check spelling” will retrieve feedback only from the Hunspell checker and “Check grammar” will retrieve the grammar feedback?

The goal is for users of LanguageTool via a website textarea to be able to click one button for spelling feedback and then a second button for grammar feedback.

What you could do is run LT twice, with a different set of activated rules. For the first run, only activate the spelling rule, then all rules except the spelling rule. You need to know the ID of the rule for that, and unfortunately it’s not very coherent across languages. For example, the rule id for the spell checker rule of American English is MORFOLOGIK_RULE_EN_US.

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Thanks. We’ll try it.