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server jar file location

Hello everybody,
I have installed the standalone app as well as the latest update of Java. I am trying to run LT on my app but the path of “languagetool.jar” file seems incorrect and I can’t find run a local server.
(My LT app opens smoothly)
Have you got any idea on where that jar file may be located?

The server jar is languagetool-server.jar and here’s a documentation on how to use it: LanguageTool embedded HTTP Server | - although I’m not sure if that’s your problem. Could you send a screenshot of the error you get?

Hello Daniel,
I am trying to use LT plugin in Trados Studio 2019 but I get this error message:
It may be due to the fact that the program doesn’t find “languagetool.jar” but I can’t find it either.
So, I don’t know how to make that plugin work.
As regards your link, I have checked it but it seems to refer to old LT versions, right?
Mine should be the latest one, currently Version 1.0.9.

“Unable to connect to server” sounds as if the LT server isn’t running. Have you followed the steps on LanguageTool embedded HTTP Server | and does opening http://localhost:8081/v2/check?language=en-US&text=my+text in your browser then return something?

Steps on LanguageTool embedded HTTP Server | seems not fitting in my case because they read:
“Note that this approach relies on our old desktop version, the new ones ([Windows], [Mac]) will not work with this approach.”
My version is 1.0.9.
Opening “http://localhost:8081/v2/check?language=en-US&text=my+text” in my browser leads me to an error page:

Is this problem related to the latest version of LT I use?

Yes, please use, as only that version contains the LT server. We’re not the developers of the Trados Studio add-on, though, so if the problem persists, you should probably ask there.

Thank you Daniel!

This is just a follow-up of the process to make the server working.
I have:

  • downloaded the stand-alone “stable” version,
  • followed the steps reported in LanguageTool embedded HTTP Server | to run a server,
  • tested that the server runs in the web browser.
    I tested it in my Trados Studio plugin: it worked until I left the Command line window open.
    I have then changed the LT stand-alone settings as follows:

    and closed-reopened LT.
    The server is working in Trados Studio too.