Service does not work stable

Hello :wave:

Sometimes LanguageTool is unavailable for me, but usually, it works again 10 seconds later. This manifests as an error message in the macOS client. However, this also affects the website (an error message from Cloudflare is then displayed there). I would be interested to know if the problem is known to LanguageTool, if there is a public status page or if I am the only one with this problem.


  • My ISP: (subsidiaries of
  • My IPv4:
  • My IPv6: 2a02:aa11:27e:db80:58b3:6b4:d0f7:227d
  • Happened since: ~2-3 weeks

(I am aware that I am posting my IP address publicly here. That’s okay with me.)

Screenshot Client:

Screenshot Website:

Thanks for the report. I’ve forwarded this to the DevOps team.