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Simple rule example

(JensP) #1


we want to write a simple Java Rule which should ignore web addresses. What is the best way? We prefer a Java solution. Can we or should we use a disambiguator for that?

kind regards


(Daniel Naber) #2

Do you want the rule to complain about the use of web addresses? Then see

To ignore parts of the text you can use the disambiguator, please see

(JensP) #3


yes thank you. I think to use disambiguator and “Ignoring in spell-checking rules” is the correct way for us. We want exclude web addresses / urls from checking at all.

Is there a way to add a disambiguator programatically with Java?

(Daniel Naber) #4

I think that’s possible if you implement your own language (or extend the language class you’re using, e.g. and then return your new Disambiguator in the getDisambiguator() method.